Vita nuova

08.09. – 02.11.2018 2018

 Text Giuliano Sale deutsch

 Testo Giuliano Sale ital.

In 1293 the italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote his „Vita nova“ (also: La Vita nuova). The prose was written in order to express his love for his beloved woman Beatrice who turned his life upside down. So after meeting Beatrice everything was new to Dante, even his own life.
The love for his respective painting motives and the fact that painting is able to create something new are very important to Giuliano Sale. Although the italian born painter is interested in presenting fragmented collage- esque motives and subjects that seem a kind of frenetic or disturbing at first glance, Sale seeks to find a dense kind of harmony on the canvas. It is a harmony of objects, bodies and finally also of the composition itself. Giuliano Sale´s way of painting is full of affection. He looks for a new path to walk on, that means for a new perspective which swings between figuration and abstraction.

Claudia Cosmo