GALERIE ROMPONE is an exhibition volume for Contemporary Art, crossover events, discussion and playfulness where Fine Art, Music and Literature get into contact with each other.


ROMPONE was found in November 2013 by free curator and writer Claudia Cosmo as Kunstraum Rompone.

 Our aim is to create special curatorial projects and exhibitions
opening up to other national and international institutions, ideas and artistic fields.


Our main aim is also to establish an easy and playful contact with Art.
So that people feel comfortable with it, by getting to know Art as an element which belongs to our everyday life.


We strongly believe that Art belongs to everybody.


Literature, Music, Art History are special inspirational sources for our exhibitions. Which is why we also launch events such as „Der Schall der Platten“.

alludes to the italian verb „rompere„.

Rompere“ means „to break“.

ROMPONE breaks with expectations one might
have towards Art and its` public presentation.


ROMPONE breaks with curatorial customs.


ROMPONE does not care about what is considered as the so- called state of the art.

Because this could only be a matter of a hyped up and current perception.

This is why ROMPONE is truly old school and contemporary at the same time.

Bringing together the analog and digital world.

We focus on classical Fine Art- forms such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and media art.

Our special interest is to be found in the presentation and promotion of international artists
with no generational limits.


ROMPONE also is an Art advisor for international artlovers and collectors who want to
get in contact with the Art scene.


Last but not least ROMPONE is a path finder for artists.

We advise them how to plan their next steps and find their individual way in the Art world and how to go on with their art.

ROMPONE also flip flops around with the connotations one might have how an exhibition volume should be run.


ROMPONE is everything and nothing at the same time.
And Nothing is a big source of freedom.


ROMPONE è tutto e nulla allo stesso tempo. Ed il Nulla offre tanta libertà.